Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

What a nice weekend. The weather has been perfect, 65F, sunny and perfect for working outside or taking a walk on the beach. Or both! Saturday was a productive day and we enjoyed a yummy Mexican dinner out with good friends at night, then walked around the Willows park in Salem. Still as tacky as ever, with a large biker crowd in the arcade. Great fun people watching. It was a beautiful evening, no bugs out yet and just a slight breeze. We were able to walk down to the end of the pier with our ice cream cones and enjoy the great weather. The perfect ending to a lovely day.

Today has been a day to putter around the house and work in the garden. I started out early this morning, even before doing my treatments, which was a nice change in schedule. Usually I don't allow myself to do anything until after they are done, so it was a treat to be able to head right out into the garden and attack all the weeds that have sprouted in the last couple weeks. After a couple solid hours of work I had finished clearing one bed out back and was ready for some breakfast and then my treatments.

Joe and I took a long walk down by the beach, all the way to Red Rock park and back, which was a stretch for me since I haven't been able to exercise in a couple weeks due to the flu. No more slacking, time to get back to it! The walk was tiring, but it was a good kind of tired. I did a bit more work outside and then sat down to appreciate my handiwork. It's so nice to look around and see the results of your labor! I get a lot of satisfaction from outdoor work.

So I'm left with a nice, contented, peaceful feeling this Sunday night. It's been a lovely weekend, a perfect balance of socialization and solitude, relaxation and work. I don't think it gets much better than this.


Tina said...

ahhh see it's contagious....gorgeous weekend and I did yard work too. I have the most beautiful flowers. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Kim said...

I left a comment on your post about the quilt but if you're like me, you might not remember to go back and see if there have been new comments added lately. After all, the quilt festival ended two weeks ago :-) But at the rate I'm going, it'll take me a month or more to visit all the quilts! And I really want to do that because the quilts and stories behind them are so inspiring.

I spent a little time hopping around your blog and reading different posts. Meeting new people is another plus to the quilt festival :-) A lot of your posts hit a chord as we're dealing with some of the same issues (living simply, being more thoughtful about what we use -- or re-use, becoming empty nesters...) plus we're both named Kim :-)

I don't have a serious, chronic illness but I am recovering from six months of being ill and losing 40 lbs in the process so I can relate to the struggle of trying to regain strength and stamina.

Blogging was one thing I could continue to do even during the roughest times. And having moved 6000 miles from family and friends, it's also been a great way to stay in touch. Journaling is something I've done off and on, but never consistently. Until now. Blogging serves as a journal, a way to keep track of where I've been and to look forward to what might be coming next.

My comments normally run one to two sentences, but I just felt compelled to write a bit more :-) I'll be stopping back by. Nice to meet you!