Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Life is made up of circles, cycles; some big, some small. Every so often we end up back where we started from. Each day is a starts and ends the same way, there are always 24 hours, but naturally there are never 2 that are exactly alike.

Some cycles are reassuring. It's nice to know that spring always follows winter and fall comes after summer. Others are frustrating- for example the never ending supply of laundry.

The worst one for me is the health cycle. Yes, everyone experiences ups and downs in their health but it's the intense effort required on my part to keep myself stable and healthy only to be undone by a little cold virus that frustrates me. Several months of hard work set back in a matter of a few days.

Buddhists have a saying that when you get a new cup you should picture it already broken, so that when it happens, as it eventually will, you will be prepared for it. Everything, in the end, must fall apart, and so too must my health. I can't change that fact but I can try to alter the way I look at it. Instead of being frustrated by the loss of function I should try to view it as part of the circle; something that is expected. Not welcome, certainly, but not a surprise.

Therein lies the trick!

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Tina said...

Ugh Kim true I know but still frustrating. Hope the Spring coming renews your health as well ! Sending you my happiest and healthiest vibes!