Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The past 10 days or so have been cloudy, rainy, snowy and just plain depressing. It seems as though we are getting one big storm after another, which makes for some cool ocean waves, but other than that, isn't good for much. We have water in our basement and the yard is half-frozen mud. Yuck. Arizona seems years ago.

On a brighter note, I hear more singing birds in the morning. Each year at this time there is a subtle shift in the sounds outside. I've heard Canadian geese calling to each other while flying in their V-formation, returning to the area. Cardinals are chirping in the yard and even the birds at the feeder seem a little more hopeful, less hunkered down in their feathers. The sun is up earlier and goes to bed later by a few minutes each day. Once the ground dries out I can start making my rounds in the yard to check for crocuses peeking up. All of this makes me happy, with the anticipation of spring.


Tina said...

Ahhhh I'm right there with you seeking out the sounds and sights of the approaching season. Love the Spring!

CowTown said...

I love the anticipation of spring too! We're already seeing spring signs here in SoCal. Plants get a little confused here though, b/c some start blooming early, then cold weather swoops back in leaving all of them a little vulnerable. I just love watching everything perk up too and come to life. One of my favorite things. :)