Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My rear window was shot out with a pellet gun sometime overnight, something I discovered while filling the bird feeders and baths this morning around 6:30. The responding officer was very nice, took my information and left to check the rest of the neighborhood to see if the perpetrators went on a spree or I was the only lucky one. For his sake I hope it was a single incident, as he said if it was one of many he'd be stuck at work filling out forms until noon, tacked on to his already 12 hour shift.

Since my morning routine was so rudely interrupted I figured I'd mix things up and throw my usual order of things out the window. Usually, it's nebs/vest, breakfast and then exercise. Not today, I'm going rogue! Since I'm going to be outside sweeping up the glass anyway, I might as well do all my outdoor chores at the same time.

We're expecting temperatures in the high 80s, much warmer and more humid than we're used to at this time of year so I wanted to do the watering early, before it got too hot. I grabbed my camera to take a few photos of the garden at this early stage. Only the sugar snap peas and cucumbers have yet to sprout; carrots, onions, bush beans and beets are all poking their way out of the soil. I'm hoping the peppers and eggplant will enjoy the hot weather we're expecting this week, at least someone should benefit from it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to capture Ms. Wren as she prepared to enter the bird box. Here she's perched on the fence post above, which seems to be her routine before actually going inside. Wrens are apparently not timid at all and don't seem to mind our presence in the yard. If we get to close they chatter at us, but we've been trying to respect their space and keep a fair distance. Entering the house is usually preceded by a few minutes of singing.

Here she is just prior to popping into the box. For some reason I get a huge kick out of watching them enter and exit through the little doorway. I could have watched for hours when they were building the nest: making many trips in and out for several days on end.

Smashed windows are inconvenient, no doubt about it, but it's hard to stay upset when there are good things all around. It's all about perspective and one way to keep it in check is to stay connected with nature and all the beauty around us. Thanks, Ms. Wren.

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