Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dirty, Pretty Things

The last time it rained enough that the garden didn't require hand watering was probably back in June, so the daily routine has been: cup of coffee, water and weed the garden, then pick whatever is ready to be harvested. Saturday it was our first eggplant. Last week there were the first cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Today there are carrots!

The routine takes anywhere between 15-40 minutes, depending upon how much maintenance is needed. Admittedly, I enjoy lingering; seeing what has grown since the previous day and admiring the fruits (well, veggies) of my labor. Even on the most uncomfortable, humid days it's still a pleasure.


Wilson said...

FUN!!! And we're so spoiled that you grow these beauties for us :) delicious!

CowTown said...

How fun to have home grown carrots. Were they extra sweet? They are dirty, pretty, little things.

I'm the same way in my garden, I linger all morning with my cup o' coffee. Love it.