Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Garden Tour

When we had the outside of the house re shingled in 2009 we had a small (8x8) deck put on. It's only big enough for 2 people to sit on, plus some plants, which was the primary purpose, rather than a big "party deck" for entertaining. On a warm summer's evening or weekend morning we enjoy sitting at the little table and enjoying a cup of coffee or meal al fresco.

I've been keeping a watchful eye on the birdhouse every time I'm doing work outside; no viewings to date that I've seen. I seem to remember last year several varieties of birds popping in and out a few times each, checking the house out. I'm hoping it won't go unoccupied this year. Maybe everything is just that much later due to all the snow and cold weather we've had? There is snow in the forecast tomorrow, too. I guess I wouldn't feel much like constructing a nest, either.

I love having little figures and statues around the garden - but no garden gnomes here! This is Easter Island Man with a bunch of daffodils coming up behind him. I'll have to take photos of the other statuary: a turtle, 2 cats, a bunny and a couple of owls.

The gardens are ready to go! Now if only the weather would cooperate and warm up a bit. I received the seed potatoes yesterday and set them out on the 3-season porch to chit. I'm hoping for a nice crop this year; Yukon golds and some red variety which I can't remember the name of right now. Yum! The seedlings were transplanted into larger pots yesterday and all seem to have survived.

This is my favorite spot to sit in the early morning and have my coffee. Joe and Wilson gave me this garden bench for Mother's Day many years ago; I love the weathered look. Next to the bench is a "Miss Kim" miniature lilac bush which I picked up at Home Depot last year on the cheap. There's also a wine box planter and stone owl keeping watch.

To the left of the bench is the back basement steps which leads to my little potting area. I've kept several potted plants there this winter for protection, and all seem to have survived. I'll have to feature that space in another post. Joe built me a brick counter where I can play with the dirt and pots in a sheltered area under the 3-season porch.

I have so many more photos of little yard highlights, but blogger only lets me post 5 at a time. There will be future garden posts as things begin to grow and green up.

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Tina said...

Love love love your tour, your garden is wonderful and I recognize your table for two from our trek to The Christmas Tree Shop last year! So glad to "catch-up" with you via your blog! Glad you are feeling so much better...let's meet for coffee we can walk down together!