Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back at Square One

After 10 days of feeling pretty rough due to the flu (not the swine flu, thankfully!) I can finally say I'm starting to feel better. If I had a dollar for each person who asked me if I did have the swine flu, I'd probably be able to pay my medical bills. And that's sayin' something!

A week ago Saturday I developed a fever and fatigue, not unheard of in the world of CF. When I was still feeling lousy on Monday I called my doc who wanted me to come in. Tuesday I was seen, Xrays done, blood tests, sputum cultures and viral swabs taken. The worst was the viral swab, up the nose with what looked like a mascara brush, and it went so far up I swear I felt it tickling the back of my head! It was all I could do not to sneeze in the poor nurse's face. Not even a day later I got the call: the viral culture showed h. influenza. Ok, at least I knew what I was dealing with. Thankfully, the Xray looked unchanged.

A full week later I finally am free of the wretched body aches, fever and only a nasty cough and generalized weakness remain. Ok, time to start rehabbing. I took a short walk with Joe last night - clearly this is going to take some time! I'll start back at yoga today which will be a nice, gentle way to ease back into the routine. I never stop being amazed at how quickly the body gets debilitated: 6 weeks of hard work gets undone in a matter of a week. Better get started!

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