Saturday, April 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I wasn't able to decide which photo I liked best, so figured I'd splurge and put all three up. After all, what's the point of having your own blog if you can't do as you darn well please in it?

I was trying to get some photos of soap to send to a shop in Salem when Millie decided to pose for me by the window. I love how it looks as thought she is hugging the stone birds, although I'm sure she has not idea what they are and that, if they had been alive, they would have been fun to play with. Cats don't really mean to be sinister, it's just part of their nature to instinctively go for fast-moving, small furry or feathered creatures. Why can we accept Manny being Manny and not give cats the same courtesy?

Anyway, I wasn't able to resist getting some pictures of Millie looking so cute by the window on the porch. After she tired of posing and ran off to play with Gracie I did get some decent photos of my soaps, which I then emailed off to the Pickle Pot. After a week of no response I sent a follow-up email just to see if they were received. I did get a reply to that, stating that the shop was very busy preparing taxes and that I'd hear back within a couple weeks. Not a total blow-off, but neither was it a guarantee. I'm keeping an open mind and am trying not to be attached to either outcome. Que sera sera!

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Ellie said...

gorgeous and adorable pics!!!