Friday, July 31, 2009

A Link and Garden Photos

There are several blogs I read on a regular basis that spark my creativity, one of which is Park City Girl - the blog of a very talented quilter. I am
always inspired to see her work. She has created a pattern for an adorable bag, which she is selling in her shop. Click here to see her blog and the bag.

The above photos are from 7/31/09, just prior to a heavy downpour. It had rained most of the morning, then cleared a bit, only to rain again. I'd guess we got about an inch of rain, all told. The happy flowers have enjoyed all the moisture, but the drippy, wet tomato refuses to get much bigger, much less turn even the slightest shade of yellow. At this rate we'll be eating fried green tomatoes this fall!

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CowTown said...

Are those echinaceas? Very pretty. And the bag is nice too. I love getting inspired by other's creative endeavors too.