Friday, July 31, 2009

Time to Lighten Up

There must be something to do with either the alignment of the stars, the super-humid weather or a mid-summer slump. Everyone seems to be tense, on edge, and tempers are quick to flare. Instead of dwelling on this and trying to figure it out, I thought I'd ignore the issue completely and post about bamboo.

I found a great yarn that is 100% bamboo - who would have thought? I always imagined anything made from bamboo would be prickly, like wood-- but this fiber is truly amazing. It's soft and silky with a beautiful drape. I bought several skeins on closeout from a website and made a lacy wrap to wear with my plum spaghetti-strap dress, then I made this scarf. The pattern is one I found online, it looks more complex than it is, and I like the openness of the weave. I have several other colors: pink, tan and green, which I'm looking forward to working with. Christmas is only 4 months away and I need to get started!

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Tina said...

Beautiful work Kim! Bamboo is amazing. I had a set of Bamboo hand-towels they were to die for. Oh yeah I agree, ignore the negativity.