Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Practice Makes Imperfect

There's a reason meditation and living mindfully are referred to as a practice - it is a continuous process; there's really nothing to be achieved, no point at which you are done. Sometimes it will be easier than others and the goal is just to keep at it.

I've been getting a lot of practice with my practice this week in the context of a situation that is beyond my control - something that is typically quite difficult for me. I could allow the issue to dominate my thoughts, but what would that do? I can't make things happen any faster than they are meant to evolve; the key is to be able to accept the things as they occur and take them as they come. My mind tends to leap forward, playing out different scenarios that have yet to happen- hoping to prepare itself against any possibility, planning my reaction in advance as a way to keep control over the situation. Yet, most often, dwelling on events in anticipation rarely does any good. I have no way to predict the future and it only causes me to lose my focus on what is before me at the moment. The present is where my attention belongs because it's the only thing that is. Everything else is just thoughts to keep my mind busy and distracted.

There are so many variables in life over which we have no control. Yes, we have control over ourselves and our reactions, but anything else is really a delusion. Oftentimes the more control we try to have over situations and people the less we actually have. I've found that letting go and not trying to control things, although scary, is a good way for me to decrease my stress level in the long run. I'm still practicing!

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Wilson said...

Sounds like we've been thinking a lot alike lately, which isn't really that surprising. I hate not having control. But the more I learn about myself the more I learn about how I can control my reactions INSTEAD of the situations. A lot of the time this is more successful than trying to control the situation too.