Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coolest by the Coast

Joe and I have always been intrigued and amused by certain phrases, one of which is "cooler by the coast". Of course, living by the coast, this applies to us specifically in terms of weather but the double meaning is one we get a kick out of. We would like to think that we are "cooler" by the coast, though I'm sure our 18-year-old son would say that we are not cool. At all!

I've always thought cooler by the coast would be a great name for a band. Perhaps there is some obscure group that uses it, but I've never heard of them. Anyone who has ever heard me sing will know that there is absolutley no hope for a musical career in my future, thereby dashing any hopes that the phrase will be used as a band name. So why not a blog?

This morning on the news the weather guy said that temperatures were going to be "coolest at the coast". Hey- no fair changing the saying now! We may be cooler than those inland, but even I don't have a big enough ego to claim that we are the coolest.

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