Thursday, October 16, 2008

As She Grows

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend who is taking care of the mom cat and kittens today for an hour today before picking my in-laws up at the airport. How the kittens have changed in just a week! They're very coordinated now, constantly playing with each other and quite fiesty. I was relieved that Gracie seemed more interested in me this week, last week she was incredibly unimpressed with my presence.

The kittens are intrigued by the camera's flash and sit still for pictures, anticipataing the flicker of the light. I was able to get some great photos of them today, in the one above is Gracie and her only brother, whose name is Chester. They are the most adorable little balls of fluff! Joyce is kind enough to let me come over to visit with them frequently and it amazes me how much they change in the matter of just a few days. She'll check with the vet, but hopefully I will be able to bring Gracie home in 3 or 4 weeks. Definitely something to look forward to!

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CowTown said...

Waaaaaay too cute Kim!!!! Just had to say. :)