Sunday, October 19, 2008

Parents' Weekend

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with W at Babson, touring the college and the downtown area, where there are lots of cute little shops and boutiques. The campus was like something out of a brochure, the maple trees all at their peak of color, the ground littered with their fallen leaves. It was a beautiful fall day to walk around.

It was wonderful to see W, as always, and our visit reminded me of how much I enjoy his company. Sure, every mother loves their child - I'm no exception - but I also truly enjoy him as a person and having conversations with him. I'm so proud that he's adjusted well to school, no doubt one of the most difficult transitions in life, that he has a nice group of friends and is doing well in his classes.

It has been the biggest joy and privilege of my life to be a parent. When I look back now, I think "how young we were!" when W was born. I can't claim to have been a perfect parent, though I have done my very best to be a good mother and role model. I think W has inherited the best qualities from both of us (thank you genetic roulette wheel!): J's solid, calm, rational demeanor and my sensitivity, empathy and interest in other people. W is really a joy to spend time with: funny, attentive and interested in a variety of topics.

It's amazing to think how quickly the past 18 years has gone by and there will always be a funny feeling to the house now; someone is missing. But the trade off is that W has grown into a fine young man, one who can stand on his own two feet and is able to handle whatever comes his way. I'm proud he's turned into such a wonderful person- what more could a parent ask for?


Tina said...

It sounds like you guys had a great visit, just like the commercial "priceless"
I feel the same way about SL, I truly enjoy her company and always have.

Wilson said...

way to make me ball. you're the best :D