Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Cat Post

I was putting the most recent photos from my camera on to the computer this morning and I was struck by how quickly the kittens are growing. We don't see it since we're with them from day to day, but the difference in size is readily apparent in the pictures.
They continue to get less skittish, even becoming brave around me while I'm vesting and nebbing. Millie was having a great time on my lap the other day while the equipment was running. I'm surprised because it makes quite a racket and the vibration is pretty pronounced, something I'd think that would be scary to a cat, let alone a kitten. Yet she was completely comfortable hopping up on to my lap and even ended up playing with the straps on the vest. I couldn't resist getting some photos.
Gracie, on the other hand, stays clear while I'm doing my treatments, content to play by herself in the other room. It's unusual for them to be apart, but this seems to be one time when they enjoy some alone time.
Gracie was enjoying the view from the back of Joe's computer chair and even started falling asleep while she was up there. Joe asked if I had placed her there: nope. She made her way up there by herself and settled in. Doesn't he know that cats only like something if it's their idea?

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