Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Snow

There's something so magical about the first snowfall - the memories of just how tiresome it had become the prior year have faded and I'm in awe of the beauty. That first coating of pure white is so exciting, especially for children and dogs.
Today it put me in the mood to get out the Christmas decorations: we brought in the shrub that is serving as our tree and strung the lights, as well as putting up the decorations we put around the house. Joe's favorite is the 3 reindeer bells that hang on the door - they jingle each time it's opened or closed. I'm sure the kittens will discover it soon and have a field day with it.
It was a good day to stay inside and drink tea. I worked on my Christmas projects and made quite a bit of headway on my parents' table runner. I wrapped and packaged up the gifts we are sending to Joe's nieces and nephew in PA. Now I have to get working on the scarves for the rest of the nieces.
I haven't heard the weather so I've no idea how long the snow will be around, but today was a wonderful treat. It was heavenly to be working on Christmas gifts for those I care about while watching the gentle descent of snowflakes out the window and listening to Handel's Messiah. It just doesn't get much better than this.

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Ellie said...

Sounds like a great day Kim! :)
I sent you an email but not sure you're still using that address...

Hope you're doing well. Wishing you many more days of peace and quiet and joy like today!