Saturday, February 14, 2009

Every Day is Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it today is Valentine's day. I remember years ago when I was in college and didn't have a special someone it was such a depressing day. I usually went out with a friend, only to see happy couples on dates staring dreamily into each others' eyes, which only made matters worse. After nearly 20 years of marriage it's a nice day, a comfortable day and fun to plan little treats or surprises for Joe and Wilson.

My father has been known to disparage holidays (Mother's day in particular) saying that "every day is Mother's Day". I think what he means is that we should treat Mom in a special way each day, but somehow I don't think that's the case. The way he says it it sounds as though he feels that we spoil mothers on a daily basis and that they don't need a day all their own. You have to know my father to understand his sense of humor, I guess.

So what does Valentine's day really mean? I suppose you'll get as many answers as there are people to ask. We've never gone crazy on the day, usually a special dinner at home or perhaps a meal out, Joe brings me flowers and possibly some chocolate. Just some small tokens to celebrate the holiday. Joe is always great about writing something incredibly thoughtful in a card, he never fails to think of something sweet and sincere to say.

In thinking about my Dad's attitude towards "appreciation" holidays and both Joe and I agree that for the most part we do treat every day as Valentine's day. Not the sickeningly sweet, gazing-into-each-other's eyes type of Valentine's, but the mutual respect, admiration and love type of day that comes with 20 years of marriage. Why wait for one day a year to celebrate when you can do it every day? Live your beliefs every day and see what happens.

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CowTown said...

That's sweet Kim. I like the thoughtful card part.

My husband is one to always say, "Everyday is Valentine's Day" too. We never celebrate the day, which is fine with me.

Happy VDay to you two 20 yearers. :)