Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet the Buckets

There is an English show on PBS called Keeping Up Appearances that Joe likes to watch. It's a typical English comedy; subtle, dry humor based on the quirks of the characters. In this show there is a woman named Mrs. Bucket, who, because she puts on airs, pronounces her last name "bouquet". Bouquet certainly sounds much more classy than bucket.

We've been calling the kittens "the bucket-heads" since they came back from their spaying on Wednesday; they're wearing Elizabethan collars, which resemble little buckets. It's much easier to say "bucket" than "Elizabethan collar".

Millie has been cleverly getting hers off every couple hours; Gracie has yet to be so lucky. I figure as long as Millie leaves her sutures alone I'll leave it off during the day and give her a break. It's hard for them to run and play with the buckets on. Even eating and drinking are a bit more tricky and they end up getting food all over the place and spilling their water. I can't imagine 10 days of this until they get their stitches out, but I suppose they'll get used to it.
They've already become much more adept at getting around with them on. The first few hours they were home were spent crashing into things and getting caught behind the furniture. Last night as we lay in bed we could hear a lot of clunking around as they tried to navigate the spaces they usually have no problems fitting into. I'm sure they're wondering what on earth we're doing this to them for, and on top of it all, we're calling them bucket-heads. The insult!


CowTown said...

Poor babies. I know our lab gets so embarased when he has to wear his bucket. He's a sensitive guy though.

Tina said...

Oh my God that's hysterical! Poor little things, you should exploit them on you tube!