Friday, April 29, 2011

Georgia Peach

This is the steeple of the Presbyterian church near Chippewa square in downtown Savannah. The feather that blows in the wind several times during the movie Forrest Gump is said to have blown from here and the park bench featured during several scenes when Forrest converses with various people waiting for buses was placed in this square.

The city has a total of 22 lovely square parks situated throughout the city. There were 24, but 2 were removed to allow for "progress" - city buildings. The squares are each named and are a memorial to various city and Confederate heroes.

The oldest cemetery in the city has some 700 gravestones and crypts with gorgeous old stonework and dates back to the late 1700s.

In its day, Savannah was home to 3 iron foundries and everywhere in the city there is evidence of the talented craftsmen. Statues, gates, railings and decorative iron patterns around windows are examples of their artistry.

The magnolias were in bloom while we were there, the azaleas having just finished up their display. In New England, the magnolias blossom prior to the leaves unfurling; but in the south, where the trees are not deciduous, the waxy foliage is the perfect backdrop to the large, white flowers.

The exotic scent of jasmine was quite literally everywhere - what might otherwise be mistaken for a nondescript vine, it was in full bloom with its sweet aroma hanging in the humid air. We never tired of the perfume. Everyone seemed to have jasmine growing on walls, around doors, up trellises and in pots.

"Dreams of Savannah mornings hung with Spanish moss" - Lloyd Cole

We were encouraged not to touch the Spanish Moss as it is home to many little critters that bite and cause skin irritation. It's a bit spooky, especially at night, this ethereal, airy clump that hangs from the branches of the live oaks. No damage is done to the trees as it's an epiphyte and lives off the moisture in the air, which is quite plentiful, I might add.

Just one example of the beautiful architecture of the city.

Despite the 88 degree heat and high humidity, there was always a soft breeze that gave us some relief, as well as the many shady trees. If it is in fact true that southerners move slowly, they have good reason; it's bloody hot. Fortunately for me the city is completely flat and easy to walk around despite the high temps and humid air.

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environmental fiend said...

Very cool! I am just now playing catch-up on your blog but I didn't know you'd been to Savanna. It is a beautiful city, isn't it?