Friday, April 15, 2011

Time Keeps on Slipping

It's funny how the mind plays tricks on us and from one year to the next our memories of things can get distorted; we often remember things how we wanted them to be, instead of how they truly were.

I could have sworn that the birds had
already moved into the birdhouse by this time last year, but looking back through April of 2010's blog posts, I can see that it was not the case. I'm relieved; I was disappointed to think that the nesting spot might go unoccupied this year; it was such a pleasure to see the activity and know that the house was put to good use.The same is true for my vegetable seedlings. I was thinking that I had started them earlier last year and that there was much more growth by now. Again, not so! On a post from April 7 2010 I could see that the seeds had germinated but only had one set of leaves. Currently, there are several sets on most of the little plants that are growing in the flats on the porch.

Hello, Dahlia!
Now if I could just keep the cats out of the pots in which I've started the dahlia tubers. Millie seems to think they are wonderful litter boxes!

"Chitting" potatoes to allow for earlier growth.

After this long winter I must be in more of a rush than usual to have spring arrive with all the delights it brings with it; I need to be more patient and not worry that we are behind. Things will evolve as they always do! Many of the shrubs in the yard have a greenish halo around them, the leaves are preparing to burst on to the scene at the first stretch of warm weather. The lilacs have loads of buds on them and the peonies are stretching their necks out of the soil. Even the clematis are starting to grow.

And now I've documented the goings on in the garden so that next year, when I worry that we are far behind or ahead of where we've been in previous years, I can reassure myself that indeed we are right on schedule: exactly
where we should be.

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