Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One of those Days

You know when you have a day when everything just seems to go wrong, no matter how well you've planned for it? Well today was one of those days for me. I'm not usually one to rant or whine, but I think today is definitely rant-worthy, if for no other reason than to look back onl later with amusement.

I had a doctor's appointment in Boston at 9:30, usually a 3o minute ride, but I thought since we had a foot of snow yesterday and it was at rush hour that I'd give it a bit of extra time. I left the house at 8, allowing myself a good hour and a half, and within minutes found that traffic was at a dead stop. It took me an hour to drive what would have normally taken me 15 minutes.

I thought I was extremely clever in coming up with a plan B: I'd park my car and take the T into Boston. Yes! Apparently a few other people had the same idea. When I pulled into the parking lot the attendant informed me that he didn't have any space left and there wasn't any to be had at any of the other parking areas either. Wonderful!

I thought I was very resourceful when I found a parking lot designated for patients parking at the MGH in Chelsea. A minor technicality that I was going to be a MGH patient in Boston. I snagged a spot and walked to the T stop, paid my fare and waited for the train.

Guilt began eating at me; what if my car was towed? That would be a whopping fine. Ok, I'll leave the station, forfeit my fair, move my car and find a spot that is legal. I drove around for a bit and found a 2 hour meter on the street, plugged the meter and headed in the direction I thought was the T station. Found the station, paid my fare (again!) and got on the train. By now it's 9:15; my appointment is in 15 minutes. Even if I catch the 2 connecting trains immediately there is no way I'm going to be on time.

I call the office from the train and let them know I'm going to be a bit late; should I reschedule? After waiting on hold the answer was yes. Ok, so I get off the train, reverse direction and hope I can find my car on the side street whose name I no longer remember.

After a few wrong turns I did eventually find my car. No matter that it was only 22 degrees out with a wind chill in the single digits. I had my heated seat and thoroughly enjoyed the ride home. The rest of the day turned out to be quite like the first few hours with nothing going smoothly. To add insult to injury I ended up missing my afternoon yoga class (which I had been looking forward to even more than usual) because the furnace tech, who was scheduled to show up between 1-4, didn't appear until 4:30, which incidentally was the time I had to leave.

Thankfully days like this don't happen that often and when they do I can laugh about them (albeit after a hefty glass of red!) Looking back on the events they actually seem comical, but maybe that's just the wine talking. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

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Tina said...

Ah Kim what a crazy friggin day.