Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey, It's Good

To be back home again.

After a wonderfully relaxing few days in Maine with my parents and brother we are back home again. Each year around my mom's birthday we all gather, it's become a fun tradition.

The cabin is very rustic, with 2 outhouses -though there is indoor plumbing and electricity now. No TV. No internet. No neighbors. Life slows down and we all take the time to read, talk and relax without the interference of the outside world. Meals are a bit slower because there's nowhere to rush off to afterwords.

Picking blueberries from the surrounding fields is a favorite activity, as well as baking blueberry muffins, pies and pancakes. The crop varies from year to year - last year was very sparse as the fields had been mowed, and this year was only slightly better. Hopefully next year we'll have a bumper crop and I'll be able to make some blueberry jam.

Occasionally, if we're awake early enough, we'll be lucky and see a deer or possibly a moose. This year I saw a female deer at the edge of the field, but by the time I had gone inside to get the camera she was gone.

The night sky is especially beautiful and on a clear night the stars are so bright. No light pollution here.

As relaxing and restful as it is at the cabin, it's always good to return home to Gomer, Gracie and Millie, our little house, gardens and neighborhood. Nothing like some time away to make us appreciate what we have and take for granted every day.