Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Testing Positive

I've always wondered about steroids and cystic fibrosis and now I'm wondering no more. I'm on my first course of Prednisone for PFTs that were an all-time new low for me. It was pretty weird to see the FEV1 results as I did the tests, they started out horrible, sure, but as a rule they improve with a couple more tries. Not this time, they didn't budge.

I knew I wasn't feeling great, although I wouldn't say I was feeling "sick". This is my least favorite time of year - hot, hazy and humid weather with lousy air quality. Yes, we have air conditi0ners, but they don't purify the air so although it is cooler, the quality is still sub-par. The poor air quality really affects me and I have a much more difficult time breathing, my energy is low and just generally feel crappy. I've been a slacker with the exercise which in turn creates a vicious cycle. I got a lecture from the PT to start up again, which I'll be doing today. Hopefully the 'roids will give me the jump-start I need along with some cooler, drier weather which will be coming in on Thursday. I don't like to wish the summer away, but is it autumn yet?

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environmental fiend said...

Hey Kim,

Sorry the stickiness is giving you trouble. Is that and the decreased exercise really enough to make your numbers be low though?

Good luck with the Prednisone. How much did you get? I am a big fan. :) I take 5 mg daily, but I have a big asthma component to my CF.

Let us know how it goes & feel better!