Thursday, October 8, 2009

All Decked Out

The carpenters finished the flooring on the deck on Tuesday, after the new windows went in. It looks amazing! The size is just perfect and the stairs are solid and wide, unlike the narrow, rickety ones that were at the back door before. It will be the perfect place for our grill and a few plants, maybe a window box. We can even fit a table and a couple small chairs if we want to sit and have a glass of wine in the evening.

I planted 2 peonies and a white climbing rose that Mary gave me in front of the new lattice, hopefully they'll survive the winter. There's been a good bit of rain in the past week, great for the plants I've moved and the many daffodil bulbs I planted. Bulbs are somewhat of a let-down; after all that work, there's absolutely nothing to show for it- until spring when there are all these beautiful yellow flowers. Delayed gratification!

Today I'll be applying 2 coats of urethane to the new windows to protect them, then I can put the inside of the house back together, something I'm looking very much forward to. Maybe then I can relax in our new old house!

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