Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't Look a Gift Pig in the Eye

There's a funky little bar in Salem called In a Pig's Eye that's been there as long as I've lived in the area. We've been a few times, either for a quick bite to eat or a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer's eve out and always liked the atmosphere (casual) and the food/drinks.

Saturday I got an email with an invitation to participate in a Christmas Fair there on Nov. 29 - first come, first serve. There's only space for 10 crafters to participate --so despite it being Halloween in Salem (something we try to avoid at all costs!)-- we drove over and dropped off a check to reserve a table.

I have no idea what to expect, how many people will be attending, or if the people who have participated other years will resent a "newcomer". Another learning experience, to be sure, but it's only for 3 hours. I'll get through it whether it's fun or a disaster. Above is a picture of some cranberry-orange marmalade soap I made so I'll hopefully have enough for the fair at the Swampscott High on the 28th and then the Pig's Eye on the 29th. I won't mind if there is a lot left over because I love the scent!


CowTown said...

Good luck at the fair!

I must say, Halloween in Salem sounds like a really good time! Lol I'd just be a touristy-looky-looer.

environmental fiend said...

kim, that soap is BEAUTIFUL! you are so talented.

i was thinking of you as i ordered my annual soap supplies today. :)