Wednesday, April 7, 2010


All the seeds have sprouted except for the peppers (though I think today may be their day) and the tagetes marigolds whose seeds were a few years old. Lesson #1: don't be cheap, buy new seeds each year.

So far I have planted: luffa sponge gourds, super sweet 100 hybrid red cherry tomatoes, sun gold orange cherry tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, red peppers, summer sun yellow peppers, black beauty eggplants, basil and petite mix marigolds. The remaining seeds can go directly in the ground in another month: the zucchini, beans and lettuces. The potatoes will be planted at that time, also. I need to figure out what plants are going to go where in the raised beds but I've got time for that.

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CL said...

You made my mouth water. Yummm. A friend tried some baby eggplant last year, cannot remember the name, but they were excellent. I guess I need to get crackin' on my tomatoes.