Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A quick anecdote about a fenced-in yard that is on our walk route: There are a couple life-sized cement geese in the yard and someone (not sure if it is the owner of the property, or someone else with an impish sense of fun) moves the geese around from time to time. Sometimes they are in the corner. Other times they are up close to the fence. They have also been known to stand in the center of the yard, which houses a couple makeshift carports and a boat in the winter.

When Joe was off from work and we were walking more often we'd see them in the same place for a few days, then suddenly, they'd be moved. Now that he's back to work and we're only taking 1-2 long walks a week they are in a different location each time we go by. It's become a little joke for us to look for them; where are they this week?

It's such a simple little thing- lawn geese that are moved around- yet we get a huge kick out of it. They can't be light, being life sized and made of cement. Who moves them? Is it the owner? Or some neighborhood kids? Has anyone else even noticed that they move around? I hope whoever is moving them knows that we appreciate his efforts. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the little things.

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Kim said...

We used to drive by a little bitty house in a small town where an older woman lived. She had a HUGE teddy bear collection in all sizes and she'd set them up in her yard, in different poses. Near the 4th of July they might be in a "parade" on trikes and wagons, holding miniature flags. Or enjoying a picnic on a quilt. Or a tea party around a kid's table. It was always fun to see what those bears would be up to next :-)