Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soap Swap

Since I've started making my own soap I've been visiting an online soap forum, which has been a wonderful resource. There are all levels of soapers there and if I'm having a problem I can be pretty sure that someone else has gone through it too, and will know the answer. Unfortunately, this doesn't prevent me from making mistakes, though I've never made the same one twice.

One of the newer members suggested a soap swap and a long-time, experienced soap maker offered to hostess and walk us new folks through it. It operates on the same premise as a cookie swap: The hostess invites up to a certain number of people to sign up, in this case it was 10. Everyone will make a soap to send to each person. We're making 9 soaps (since we won't be sending one to ourselves). Instead of meeting at the hostess's house we smail her the 9 bars and she then distributes one of each to everyone. I think we're all looking forward to some unbiased feedback on our creations.

I made a batch on Friday and was disappointed with the result. Not only did I not have enough essential oil to make a large enough batch, but I subbed another oil and wasn't happy with the results. On top of that, the batch gelled partially, which left a darker ring at the center of the soap. It's still perfectly usable but oh, the embarrassment of having to send a "flawed" soap to other soapers! Horrors.

My mom suggested using a fragrance she is particularly fond of, Lilly of the Valley, for a new batch. She's brilliant! I made the batch yesterday and was quite happy with the results. I even attempted a swirl on the top, something I'm not at all confident with, and luckily it came out fine. I haven't cut the bars yet, I'll wait another day or two when the soap will be a firmer. There's a lot of pressure here!

The soap is white with a dark yellow swirl on top. The scent is Lilly of the Valley and it's very pretty, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to see what everyone else has made.


CowTown said...


A friend of mine was making soap as a new side business for a while and I completely LOVED her soaps. They had a little bit of oatmeal in them so it had some scrubby texture to it. I believe it was way better for your skin then normal soap too.

So you're a "soaper" are you. Is this part of your identity now?!! Just kidding. Hardy har har. :)

Tina said...

Oh that came out gorgeous!!! Looks like a delicious dessert! You go girl! Almond has been my favorite so far...but I'm open to any scent. P.S. Lilly of the Valley is my birth flower, May.

Dörte said...

sieht sehr gut aus! Wie sieht sie geschnitten aus?

liebe Grüße Dörte