Friday, June 19, 2009

Tomcat's Pet of the Month - June 2009

Tomcat magazine is pleased to introduce Miss June 2009, our pet-of-the month centerfold winner.

Gracie is an uninhibited gray and white tiger with a bit of buff who hails from north of Boston. She is a saucy 9 months old. She loves posing for photo shoots and playing with her litter-mate, Millie, with whom she lives.

Date of Birth: 9/9/08
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Relationship Status: Neutered
Favorite Places: Window sills, quilts, down comforters, computer chairs
Favorite Color: gray and white, of course
Turn-ons: moist food, small rodents, warm laps, yarn, napping, being stroked behind the ears
Turn-offs: sudden, loud noises, water, tail-pulling, children and trips to the vet

Gracie states: " I absolutely adore playing and love to show off my furry body of feline perfection. I'm full of adventure and enjoy exploring new territories. Nothing is off-limits for me. I'm thrilled beyond meows to have been chosen as Tomcat's June pet-of-the-month and hope that it will jump-start my career into modeling. Or possibly professional napping."

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