Sunday, September 20, 2009

Before and During

I love taking before, during and after photos whenever we have work done on the house so years later I can look back and remind myself of how things looked. This is going to be a rewarding project as it is one everyone will see: the entire outside of the house.

The first photo is of the house before any of the construction started; the paint is peeling off the shingles, which are in bad shape. The workers are going through the laborious process of removing each shingle, wrapping the side of the house as they complete it, and once that is done, they will nail individual shingles (already painted with 3 coats of paint! yay!) in place. So far the back of the house and the 2 sides have been stripped and wrapped with only the front to go. Needless to say, it's pretty noisy during the day. They will also be building a small deck to the right of the 3-season porch on the back of the house where we can keep the grill.

The interior photo below is of the spare bedroom, which had been cream is getting a new color. I finished painting it yesterday and will start in on the downstairs bathroom next: stripping the wallpaper and hopefully priming the walls today. One room done and 2 to go!

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environmental fiend said...

Oh gosh, I thought you were going to say you were getting siding and I was thinking Nooooooooo! I hate siding. I think it's tacky. Unfortunately our house has it. It is low maintenance though.

Did you say you were getting new windows too?