Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Colored Glasses

It's amazing how some days nothing seems to faze us and we can fly through the day letting things roll off our backs. On other days everything seems to go wrong. Is it how the stars are aligned? Cosmic karma? Luck?

I don't have the answer but I do believe that our moods greatly influence our interpretations of the events during our day. The expression "wearing rose colored glasses" comes to mind for people who don't want to acknowledge the darker side of life, so why not consider the opposite? Wearing dark glasses.

Some days, for whatever reason, we put on our rose colored glasses. Little things don't bother us and we can take the bigger stuff with a grain of salt. Our perspective is good; the bigger picture is easy to see and small events are recognized for what they are: small events. Other days we don our dark glasses: little issues irritate us and it feels like the whole world is out to get us. Things don't have their usual flow and we feel out of sorts. It's easy to take things more personally, whereas if we had been wearing our other glasses it might be easier to see that some days shit just happens. It's not all about us.

In a perfect world we'd all have bifocals, or maybe one lens of each, for balance. But as it is we have to settle for being aware that some days we're wearing our rose-colored glasses and some days we have on our dark ones and that the events in our day don't change; it's our perspective that does.


environmental fiend said...

This reminds me of a new friend I have who recently decided to keep track of how many "fabulous" days in a row she could have. Along the way she realized that even if there was one fabulous thing that happened that day, she could still count it as fabulous (a matter of perspective!) Unfortunately after a couple of weeks she hit a couple of days that could in no way be deemed fabulous. But it sure does give you something to aspire to, ya know? Most days CAN be fabulous if you are looking for the fabulousness in the day.

environmental fiend said...

And yes, I just took that last sentence and made it my FB status b/c I liked it so much. :)

CowTown said...

Nice post.

I agree, it's all in our perspective. It's also all in what you eat....or don't that day. Lol.

If my blood sugars are out of whack or I need a big piece of steak for protein, then my tolerance and positive perspective could be shot to flames.

Often times, for me, putting on the rose colored glasses is a choice. I think I'm too often aware of how little everything is compared to just being here, being alive and experiencing the day as it is.

Every so often I do choose to put those grey colored glasses on if it suites my mood. I just hope I never keep them on for too long, or else I'd up my lexapro. Ha.

Tina said...

Well said Kim