Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Progress

The work continues. The entire house is stripped of shingles and wrapped, except for the front and back dormers. It's very noisy here during the day with all the banging, creaking of the house, the compressor, and music from the workers' radio. I don't mind so much because I know things will look so much better once they are finished and I enjoy seeing the progress each day.

On the interior, I've finished painting the spare bedroom and the bathroom. I'll take a little break before doing the computer room since I feel the onset of tendinitis in my right arm. No sense in aggravating that!

Once the new windows go in I'll need to stain and urethane them, as well as refinishing the sills, which are in bad condition from water damage they sustained before we moved in (17 years ago?????) It's going to feel like a new house when we are finished! The ultimate repurposing project.


CowTown said...

Looking good! I love the quilt hanging on the wall. Did you make that?

Kim said...

Thanks Kelly! Yes, I did, ages ago. I love reading your comments, thank you again.