Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Girls

A year ago today Millie and Gracie (in that order) entered into the world, assisted by their foster-mom, Joyce. Millie was first and her feline mom, a stray named Chelsea, wasn't quite sure what to do. Joyce to the rescue! She removed the amniotic sac and - voila!- Millie was born. As a tiny kitten she was always a bit slower than the rest of her litter-mates, but she's just as clever as any other cat now. A bit more hesitant and timid, but no less intelligent.

Millie is the first one to greet us in the mornings and as soon as she hears us stirring she hops up on to the bed for her attention. She's a skilled mouser and has brought up several trophies from the basement in the past couple weeks. Hopefully her presence will deter any more rodents from setting up shop down there. After all that hunting she must be a bit tired; she has decided to spend her birthday lounging on the 3 season porch in the sun. Aaah, the life!

Gracie, on the other hand, is the more outgoing of the two. She loves to play with toys and asks us to throw bouncy balls for her, which she delights in chasing. She'll play fetch with yarn balls, depending upon her mood, and will bring them back to be tossed again. She loves sitting on my lap when I do my treatments and is a good sport about getting her claws clipped. She is taking some extra time to pamper herself with a good bath on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Millie and Gracie, and may you have many more happy, healthy ones.


environmental fiend said...

I just saw tonight on FB that it was their birthday - happy birthday girls! Do you think they are old enough now for a game of scrabble? M-O-U-S-E!

You are very lucky - they turned from two cute kittens into two very beautiful cats.


ps - I really enjoy your blog!! It is also nice to have someone comment on mine. I wish people weren't so shy about it. Thanks!!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday to your kitties!!